Thursday, September 10, 2009

the last post! NOW CLOSED lol

a final piece of news about the gti-r, the car has safely arrived in Tasmania without a hiccup or any problems! which is good to know!. Its currently going through the registration process but will need a quieter exhaust, stripped front tints (tassie inspectors dont seem to understand that 20% is lighter than 15% tints lol) and a self cancelling indicator (boss kit related) to pass. hahah true to fashion, nothing is ever easy for a gti-r but i'm glad that its all moving along and that the owner is happy.

I can finally say that this blog is.. done, dusted, kaput and finito!
thanks for reading and following my journey.

a new one has already begun and you can follow all my exploits here.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

end game!

Today's the day :( . i got up early this morning and gave the car a final wash and wax before meeting up with Mano and Cat. they were concerned that i was going to get robbed and possibly killed so they wanted to escort me to the airport (love you guys!). the car has been running like a dream for the last 7 days and since the removal of the hks boost controller the car has been coming on stronger in the rev range. i guess that goes to show that you should get ur car tuned when u install a boost controller regardless of running stock boost.

Picked up Mitch and his girlfriend Christine at the airport and showed them the ins and outs of the gti-r as we headed back to my house. They looked very satisfied and happy with the car which is good! we settled the paperwork and i gave him the keys. i must admit it was a very sad moment seeing them jump into the car and drive off. i even had flashbacks of the last 5yrs with the car. i will really miss that car! we had alot of fun and ups/downs but i'm also very happy that its going to a good home.

I will try to keep contact Mitch in a few days to ensure he gets home safely and to see how the car is doing. fingers crossed it has a easy road to tasmanian registration!

I will now move my focus to the evo, using the experience from ownership of my gti-r to ensure the evo is done right and treated well :)

here are some pics of my last time behind the wheel!

and that ends the adventure of me and my paulsar gti-r! see ya on the streets!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

LOL, attention whore

dammit! was running on errands on saturday and noticed a nice puddle of fluid under the car. upon further inspection i traced the leak back to the clutch slave cylinder LOL, stupid attention whore of a car just wont stay fixed! anyways a top of the master cylinder and short drive to visit a friend confirmed that it was definitely the slave cylinder leaking. i topped it up again and purchased a replacement at the local auto parts store.

installed the new cylinder today, re-bled the clutch and all is fine and dandy once again, no leaks and the clutch system is now all new. the buyer, Mitch will be arriving from tassie next week so that leaves me 7 days of gti-r love before letting it go :(

Friday, July 31, 2009

the results are in ! 100% pass!

just picked up the car from Powertune this afternoon. some hefty damage was done to the wallet to get the car in good condition. heres a breakdown of what went on in the last 2 days.

- the drivetrain issue ended up being a wheel bearing! which is good as there were thoughts it could be gearbox/shaft related, so that was replaced with a new item.
- they found my clutch master cylinder to be leaking so i opted to get that fixed.. damn i fixed that shit 2 years ago, but a new unit has been put in

- the compression test came back with 160 160 160 160psi on all cylinders. talk about perfect! the engine is heading close to 20years old and its still damn good.
- leakdown test returned 40% 20% 30% 20%, i was told that it is expected on an old engine and that the valve seats on cylinder 1 are worn. but still good!
- car passed all inspections and is road worthy.

i sorted out the registration and other documents. Boy was the car feeling good on the drive home. no annoying vibrations and it was just running great. i will let the buyer know of what went down and should see the car sale confirmed by next week. yay! it was also nice to see both my cars out on the streets haha. thanks for driving the evo home for me jess. hope u had fun!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

final repairs!

i've had some serious interest from a buyer interstate and it looks like the car will be sold very shortly if everything goes well. i've agreed to get the car fixed up 100% before selling it to him as i wouldnt feel right letting the prospective buyer drive a car that isnt in perfect condition for a long distance.. just imagine how guilty you'd feel if he broke down in the middle of nowhere wolf creek style!!!

anyways, i've just dropped the car off at Powertune to get my drivetrain issue looked at, along with pre-purchase inspection, compression and leakdown tests. Powertune are based in fairfield and have very extensive knowledge of sr20's and other turbo engines. they have a great reputation and following on and i'm happy to leave my car with them as i know they have built/repaired several gti-r's.

i reckon it will pass everything with flying colours, but fingers crossed anyway.

a previous hpi feature car, this powertune built car is now sporting a sr20VET!

Monday, July 20, 2009

weeding out the tyre kickers

got quite a few enquiries and expressions of interest for the car. unfortunately there are alot of tyre kickers out there so i'm just trying to weed out those ones who want a joyride. so far its been good, some genuine offers to consider and i've been very honest with prospective buyers.. telling them what issues the car has and teh condition.

as much as i need the money and want to sell asap, i want it to go to a good home so lets hope it does, i have a few emails to reply to from people interstate so maybe theres a good prospective buyer in there.. i'm kinda sick of all the "bro, my cousin bought one for 7k and it runs 9's" ... u cant even legally do that and no gti-r has run a 9 on face of the planet lol !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

hitting the market

the time has come... after suffering some financial problems, i've finally put the car up on the market to sell. i've posted it on a few forums to gather some interest and positive feedback from those who have seen my car. and i've posted it up on carsales, one thing i noticed is that there are hardly any red gti-r's for sale which is good for me.

i decided to sell the car without my hks boost controller (its going into the evo), rear strut brace, front bash plate, nardi steering wheel. the sale of these mods will help pay off some of the outstanding bills piled up in my room.

fingers crossed the enquiries come pouring in. i gave the car the once over and i love how clean it is looking at the moment! *note ugly ass plates are back on* ... why do i have to let this car go ? :(
for sale thread here:

Saturday, June 27, 2009


celebrated my 25th birthday last week, big thanks to everyone who came. it was a great relaxing getaway!

popped by a few mechanics places to day to diagnose and get a quote on the noise/vibration im experiencing with the car at the moment. some are saying its a driveshaft, others a cv joint and another place thinks its a wheel bearing (again!). quotes are looking around the $500 range to fix. its the only issue thats stopping the gti-r being a perfectly good driveable machine! hah

Monday, June 8, 2009

terrorizing the roads again

got my licence back woo~! took both cars for a spin to do some comparisons.
the gti-r is a little laggy compared to the evo but the gti-r is running low boost (10psi) compared to the evo that runs 16psi ? the lag is alot more noticeable on the gti-r but they both come on early in the rpm range for that lovely kick in the pants effect.

gti-r wins hands down for sound. loud, roary and complete with big whoosh. its just alot of fun to drive. The evo on hte other hand is quiet at the moment and somewhat boring when cruising along. however, the power, braking, handling are just on another level to the gti-r and i made the right choice buying this car!

enjoying owning both cars for the moment. but with some debts to clear and angry parents who want their garage space back.. the gti-r is going to have to go! :(

Thursday, May 14, 2009

repaired and fired up again

its been a very good week since the gti-r met its demise at wakefield park. My evo finally passed compliance inspections and i took it home (well my friend drove it) the other day, its now sitting safely in my garage with my gti-r. I found a second hand radiator from Evan on Gtir-oz (Thanks) and my powersteering belt came in.

Changing the radiator is an easy process.. i've done 2 on this car already. the major problem was changing the belt, the old belt was shreaded and all over the place in the engine bay. To make matters worse, the bolt/bracket that came loose was twisted in another bracket where the pulley is. that took alot of persuasion and the sharp mind of my mate steve-o to remove. with that finally off and repositioned properly we got the belt back on, made a few adjustments, ensured the belt wouldnt come loose ever again, topped the radiator and bled the system.

the car fired up first go and everything was super after a quick drive around the block (at the risk of my licence). everything is super! i took the opportunity to get a quick snap of my cars together.. what a lovely garage!